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28 October 2017: Andrew Hoskins, Conflict Café: Do we live in an age of terror? Imperial War Museum, London:

1 March 2018: Andrew Hoskins, ‘Forgetting War’, University of Warwick.


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Past Events


30 November 2015: ‘Archives of War: Media, Memory and History’, AHRC Fellowship Conference, The National Archives, Kew.

15 July 2015: ‘Organizational Memory as an Alternative Framework’, ESRC Seminar/AHRC Fellowship Workshop, Queen Mary, University of London.  ESRC Seminar Series QMUL flyer

2 July, 2015: ‘Military and the Media Symposium‘ University of Leeds

14 April 2015: ‘The End of the Material Archive’, AHRC Fellowship Workshop, London.


6 May 2017: Andrew Hoskins, ‘Remembering War’, Broadcasting War: An interdisciplinary 1-day workshop, University of Warwick.

11 July 2016: Andrew Hoskins, ‘Organisational Memory, Operational Records and the British Army’, British Academy of Management, Organisational Security Workshop, University of Glasgow.

24 November 2015: Andrew Hoskins, ‘Archives of War’, Threats to Openness in the Digital World’ Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

30 October 2015: Andrew Hoskins, ‘Are We Losing the History of Warfare?’, Inside Conflict: War Through the Lens of Soldiers and Civilians, University of Sussex, Brighton.

15 July 2015: Andrew Hoskins, ‘Organizational Memory and the Archive’, Organizational Memory as an Alternative Framework ESRC Seminar/AHRC Fellowship Workshop, Queen Mary, University of London.

4 June 2015: Andrew Hoskins, ‘The memory of crisis and the crisis of memory’, ‘Crisis, What Crisis’ Panel, The Sociolingustics of Globalization Conference, The University of Hong Kong.

30 May 2015: Andrew Hoskins, ‘The War Ecology’, International Symposium on Cultural Memory: Time, History and Media, Zhejiang University, China.

22 May 2015: Andrew Hoskins, ‘The New Structure of Memorialisation’, The Çanakkale/Gallipoli Wars 2015 International Conference, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey.